By Lara Walsh
Jul 22, 2016 @ 12:15 pm

Celine Dion is bringing her singing prowess over to the Today Show Plaza. The legendary songstress performed in the show's Citi Concert Series at the Rockefeller Plaza on Friday and got concertgoers on their feet with a mash-up of her iconic hits, as well as a beautiful version of "Over the Rainbow" that displayed Dion's incredible vocal range.

The 48-year-old star wowed in a silver sequined blazer and trousers combination, which she paired with loose waves and smoky eyes. No one does emotional ballads quite like Celine, and the star began her set with "A New Day Has Come" before launching into hits like "That's the Way It Is" and "I'm Alive," and the heart-wrenching tracks gave us all the feelings.

Before her performance, the mom-of-three also opened up to Matt Lauer about life after the tragic death of her husband René Angélil earlier this year.

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"It's been a journey. It's been hard," she said of her husband, whom she lost to cancer in January. "Seeing the love of your life suffering for the last three years has been really hard, but millions of people are going through this."

She continued, " I feel very strong because, not only that he loved me so much—for many, many lives to come—[but he] gave me three magnificent kids, so much knowledge, stability, and confidence."

Watch the full interview and performance in the clips above.