"I take what's good for me."


After being the biggest star in Las Vegas for over 16 years (that's 1,141 performances) Celine Dion took her show on the road with the Courage Tour. During the tour's opening night, she sat down withEntertainment Tonightand said that she's well aware of critics saying that she's too thin, but adds that she simply doesn't have time for that kind of negativity. She knows what's good for her and she's sticking to it.

"Is there anything wrong about my body?" she asked as she flexed her bicep for ET's Lauren Zima. She added that after so many years in the music industry, she's developed a thick skin and doesn't let things get to her.

Celine Dion Courage Tour
Credit: ALICE CHICHE/Getty Images

Dion outlined her fitness routine, saying that part of why she may appear to be too thin has to do with age. She reminded fans that she's been in the spotlight since she was 12 and it's only natural that her appearance would change.

"I do ballet. I do a lot of stretching and I work out because it helps my mind, body, and soul," Dion noted. "When you go back, when I was 12 years old, my face was rounder because you have more fat when you're younger ... But I've always been very thin."

She doesn't let any of the comments affect her outlook. Part of growing up with constant criticism is learning that you can't make everyone happy, which is the outlook Dion's choosing to focus on.

"If you don't want to be criticized, you are in the wrong place," she explained. "I take the positive. I take what's good for me. I leave behind what is not good for me. I let my management take care of that, and if it hurts anyone, they will take care of that. And I need to focus on what's right for me, how I feel and, last but not least, you can't please everybody."

Spoken like a true diva, because that's the way it is.