2015 Billboard Music Awards - Press Room
Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

It’s all coming back to Celine Dion!

After packing up her bags last year to aid in her husband’s battle with cancer, the legendary songstress is ready to return to Las Vegas’s Caesars Palace Aug. 27. And at last night's 2015 Billboard Music Awards, where she showcased a stunningly sexy green leather Mugler dress, Dion shared her excitement. “[My husband] wants me back. He wants me strong. He wants to see me again because I’m his favorite singer,” she tells InStyle.

Declaring Las Vegas "the capital of show business,” the star is looking forward to sharing her Sin City spotlight with other pop divas. “I’m excited about Jennifer Lopez coming here and Britney [Spears] was here, and now Mariah [Carey]," she says. "It’s so positive. It’s always positive, for all of us.”

And while Dion doesn’t feel she’s fit to give these divas advice (“They’ve been in show business as long as me”), she does suggest they pay special attention to the climate. “It’s very difficult on the organs. I hope they have cans of saline. Get the nose very moist because the desert ... You just have to have as much humidity as possible,” she tells InStyle. “If they live here, the only advice that I can say is I do have a built-in humidifier system on stage and in my house."

"I hope they move here," she says. "We can get them to sing more.”

Take notes, ladies.

—With reporting by Carita Rizzo