By Meghan Blalock
Updated Feb 05, 2013 @ 5:42 pm
Celeste and Jesse Forever
Credit: Everett Collection

Rashida Jones doesn't just star in Celeste and Jesse Forever—which comes out on DVD today—she also co-wrote the screenplay, her first-ever writing attempt, for which she just received an Independent Spirit Award nomination (she'll find out if she won on February 23!). The film depicts her title character, a well-dressed trend forecaster, in a downward spiral after separating from her husband (Andy Samberg), a falling-apart process that impacts the way she dresses. "We talked about what she’s wearing and how cleanly dressed she is in the beginning," Jones said. "Then by the end she's just wearing this one stupid striped sweater over and over again. Because that’s what happens when you’re depressed." The Parks and Recreation star was inspired to write the movie by a lack of diverse female characters in modern romantic comedies. "I got a little fatigued by this unrealistic portrayal of women in romantic comedies where the girls never really got to devolve," Jones told "Separating from someone you love is a multi-step process and it’s really messy. I wanted to make sure that the protagonist stopped dating and stopped remembering how to dress."

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