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Credit: Keiko Lynn

Hello, fashionistas and fellow dog lovers! My name is Miku, and I’m a Pomeranian/American Eskimo rescue pup. I’m a bona-fide New Yorker based in Brooklyn and love to get my picture taken, play with my three kitty sisters, and participate in any activity involving water. I belong to blogger superstar Keiko Lynn, but you could say I’m also a bit of an Instagram celebrity myself. Don’t let my social media-star status fool you – being a pup-lebrity is a tough gig. From juggling the daily photo shoots to perfecting my aw-inducing grin on demand, doggy life isn’t all long naps and bone treats. I’ve teamed up with my pet pals at Merrick Dog Food to offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what a day in the life of a canine superstar is really like.


Merrick Pet Food - Rise n Shine
Credit: Keiko Lynn

Getting out of bed is always the hardest part. Can’t we push the snooze button just one more time?


Merrick Pet Food - balanced breakfast
Credit: Keiko Lynn

They say this is the most important meal of the day, so you can bet I’m only going to eat the best. A healthy serving of Merrick’s Grain Free Pet Food always hits the spot.


Merrick Pet Food - And we're off
Credit: Keiko Lynn

Now that I’m well fed and perfectly groomed, it’s time to get the day started. Follow me to our first meeting!


Merrick Pet Food - Picture Ready
Credit: Keiko Lynn

It’s not easy looking this cute all the time, but I’m a pro at being Insta-ready. My followers are going to love this one, don’t you think?


Merrick Pet Food - Yappy Hour
Credit: Keiko Lynn

A long day’s work calls for some celebrating. Join me for a Yappy Hour picnic in the park with my favorite noms.


Merrick Pet Food - that's a wrap
Credit: Keiko Lynn

Phew! After a jam-packed day, it’s good to be back home with my family. Being a famous pup isn’t always easy, but it’s the life for me. What will my next adventure be? Find out by following me on Instagram.