Are you more of an Irina Shayk, or an Adele?

By Kimberly Truong
Updated Jun 11, 2019 @ 4:30 pm

Following the news of her split with Bradley Cooper, Irina Shayk did what we all want to do after a breakup: Flew off for a post-breakup getaway, and posted the ultimate sexy post-breakup Instagram.

In other words, her Instagram grid would show you that she was living her best life, unbothered — and according to the general consensus online, truly iconic.

After a celebrity breakup announcement, all eyes inevitably turn to the affected parties' Instagram pages (if they have one), all out of curiosity as to how someone is going to handle the unique stressors of going through a breakup in public. Shayk isn't the only one to have made a statement with a well-timed 'gram — let's take a dive into the art of the world of the celebrity post-breakup Instagram.

1. The Sexy, Chill Photo

Again, Shayk has mastered the art of the chill, sexy post-breakup Instagram. Sultry one-piece? Check. Serene landscape to show that you're moving on to bigger and better things? Check. Shout-outs to brands you're modeling for to show that you're focused on your thriving career? Check.

Her post-breakup 'gram game even got a like from Christian Carino, Lady Gaga's ex. But while some fans pointed out the irony of Carino liking the post after the countless rumors about Gaga and Cooper, sources have been adamant that Gaga played zero role in the Shayk-Cooper split.

2. The Makeover 'Gram

Speaking of Gaga, though, her Instagrams post-split with Carino were their own form of art: The art of the after-breakup makeover.

Some people get post-breakup haircuts, and some people get post-breakup tattoos — and Gaga seems to have gone for the latter. On Valentine's Day this year, she posted a photo of herself with a new back tattoo, which was a nod to her role in A Star Is Born. Just five days later, People confirmed that she and Carino had broken up, with her rep telling the outlet that the pair had split “a bit ago.”

There's also something to be said about the post-breakup glam shot, which Gaga fully embodied in her photos from the Oscars — a week after she announced the breakup.

The glam shot and the career flex, all in one.

3. The Meme

Sometimes, in the midst of a breakup, all you can do is make yourself laugh. After announcing that she and husband Simon Konecki had broken up, Adele broke her silence with a relatable meme of herself. No caption necessary.

Memes are a little like greeting cards — if you can't say it yourself, there's bound to be something out there that can help you.

So: Adele, Gaga, or Irina? Choose your fighter.