Chrissy Teigen Juggles Breastfeeding and Sports-Watching at the NBA Finals

Chrissy Teigen NBA Lead
Photo: Vincent Sandoval/Getty

Just call Chrissy Teigen super mom. While the Cravings cookbook author and her husband John Legend treated their daughter, Luna Simone, to her first basketball game Thursday, Teigen made sure their little one was happy and full after watching Legend sing the National Anthem at the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors Finals game.

Chrissy Teigen NBA 1

In a snap from her Snapchat, the model could be seen in a private back room, breastfeeding their baby girl, who was swaddled in a white blanket. While Teigen's practical joke to pretend she was holding Luna courtside fell through earlier in the game (officials wouldn't let her bring the faux Luna—aka a swaddled stuffed animal—into the arena), it was still an eventful evening for the 1-month-old tyke.

Chrissy Teigen NBA 2

After the Warriors defeated the Cavaliers, Luna made her appearance on the court, and her proud dad couldn't help but post a clip of Teigen cradling her in her arms on his Snapchat. "Luna at the #NBAFinals!!!," he captioned it.

Chrissy Teigen NBA 3

While Luna was behind-the-scenes (and no doubt resting comfortably) during the match-up, Teigen managed to enjoy the game in the midst of juggling breastfeeding, reading Goodnight Moon to her, and Snapchatting her way through all of events of the evening.

That, friends, is how you multi-task.

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