Celebrity Holiday Shopping Strategy: Dakota Fanning

Overwhelmed by your holiday shopping list? This season, the tastemakers of Hollywood are here to help you shop! We asked celebs for their best shopping strategies, and they answered with aplomb.

Dakota Fanning has an answer to the almost-certain chaos of holiday shopping: making homemade gifts. "I love giving presents and finding presents," Fanning says to InStyle. "But shopping really stresses me out." For someone like Fanning—who admits that seasonal shopping is not her thing ("I hate the craziness," she shares)—DIY presents are the perfect answer.

Plus, handmade gifts come complete with a little more love than a store-bought gift which your friends and family are sure to appreciate. "Last year, I just made all of my gifts," the actress shares. "I knitted everyone scarves and called it a day for my family [including her famous sister, Elle Fanning]. They actually loved it!" A bonus? It's quite possible you might even save time by creating things at home rather than wasting hours navigating through jammed stores and browsing online.PHOTOS: Dakota Fanning's Most Stylish Looks Ever

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