10 Celebrity Scents the InStyle Beauty Team Actually Wears

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At this point, it's hard to come up with a celebrity who doesn't have their own fragrance line. And while they have a reputation for being a bit cheesy (not to mention random), we'll admit there are some celeb scents we can't get enough of. From Katy Perry's Killer Queen to throwbacks like Britney Spears's Curious, scroll through to find out which celebrity fragrances the InStyle beauty team actually wears.

Glow By J.Lo

"The beauty and simplicity of Jennifer Lopez's first fragrance, Glow (above, $50; kohls.com), is still a wonder to me. It smells like freshly showered skin, with the softest hint of sweetness. It makes me feel incredibly sexy."—Angelique Serrano, Beauty Director, InStyle

Lovely By Sarah Jessica Parker

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"This soft, powdery scent ($29; walmart.com) reminds me of Narcisco Rodriguez but for a fraction of the price. I like to spritz this on for everyday and save Narcisco for special occasions."—Kahlana Barfield, Fashion and Beauty Editor at Large, InStyle

True Reflection By Kim Kardashian

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"I love a spicy fragrance so Kim Kardashian's True Reflection ($32; perfumania.com) with notes of patchouli mixed with floral immediately resonated with me."—Selene Milano, Senior Beauty Editor, InStyle.com

Beyoncé Heat Rush

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"Like 99% of the world, I'd like to be Beyoncé. But since body morphing isn't a thing, I'll have to give it my next best shot by smelling like her by wearing Heat Rush ($34; kohls.com). With notes of blood orange and musk, it's fruity and sweet without being cloying."—Sheryl George, Beauty Editor, InStyle

Kim Kardashian

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"My favorite celeb fragrance ever, is the Kim Kardashian original—bible! It's a really sexy floral with predominant gardenia and jasmine notes, at least on my skin, and I always get tons of compliments whenever I wear it. That being said, it's always kind of weird when people ask me what fragrance I'm wearing and I'm just like, 'Um, it's Kim Kardashian.' It also kind of holds a special place in my heart because Kim was my first celebrity interview years ago when she launched the scent back when I was an intern!"—Marianne Mychaskiw, Assistant Beauty Editor, InStyle.com

With Love… Hilary Duff

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"The year was 2006. I was 13-years-old, and spent a disproportionately large amount of my free time watching Lizzie McGuire reruns. Around the same time, the real-life Lizzie, Hilary Duff, was at the peak of her solo music career. Needless to say, anything Duff was selling, I was buying. Her eponymous perfume ($25; sears.com) was no different: I purchased it (with my own money, mind you) at the Claire's in my local mall. But, unbelievably, this stuff doesn't smell like it was made for middle schoolers. In fact, it's a musky, amber-laced juice that's—dare I say it—quite sophisticated. Thanks, Hil."—Dianna Mazzone, Beauty Assistant, InStyle

Still by Jennifer Lopez

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"My obsession with Jennifer Lopez goes all the way back to her breakout role in Selena (which I can't even believe was almost 20 years ago) and as her biggest fan, I've been collecting her perfumes since Glow came out when I was in 7th grade. To this day, Still ($34; target.com), the star's glamorous second fragrance (it even came with a faux diamond ring), is proudly displayed on my vanity. The feminine floral blend combined with notes that are just as spicy as J.Lo herself; it will forever be my go-to during the fall and winter seasons."—Jennifer Velez, Beauty Assistant, InStyle.com

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Taylor by Taylor Swift

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"My sister is a T-Swift super fan, so there are literally three bottles of this fruity blend ($38; kohls.com) around our house. Once I tried it, I was excited to find out that it's a perfect everyday fragrance that leaves me smelling fresh all day long. Plus, I'm obsessed with the gorgeous packaging."—Samantha Faragalli, Beauty Intern, InStyle.com

Curious By Britney Spears

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"This is a major throwback, but I still love Brit's very first perfume ($24; walmart.com). Warm sandalwood base notes balance out the sweetness of white florals and vanilla; it's an ideal daytime fragrance."—Erin Stovall, Beauty Intern, InStyle

Katy Perry Killer Queen

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"I've always been a lover of fragrances that make a statement. A night out on the town hasn't gone by without being asked what perfume I'm wearing when I spritz this showstopper ($60; macys.com) on. My eyes were initially entranced by the hot red diamond-shaped bottle, then quickly fell in love with the strong whiffs of plum, bergamot, and jasmine—truly fit for a queen."—Maya Allen, Beauty Intern, InStyle

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