By Andrea Cheng
Updated Mar 31, 2014 @ 7:15 am
Celebrities in Overalls
Credit: PacificCoastNews; Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.; Bruce/FameFlynet Pictures

We're all over overalls, and it's clear that A-listers are as well. And while dungarees can be as divisive as they come, with people either completely for or adamantly against them, the general consensus is that celebrities know how to wear them well. Spectacularly well. So much so that they could even persuade the most unshakeable in their resolve to consider switching over to the other side.

The ones leading the overalls movement? Emma Watson blended sophistication and sport with her inky version, pairing it with a button-down and slip-on sneakers. Sarah Jessica Parker elevated her overalls with a breezy blouse and pumps, while Selena Gomez added a charming boho spin with a cropped floral cami. Just some inspiration for when you start embracing the trend!