These 21 Celebrities Support Stricter Gun Laws—And Aren't Afraid to Speak Their Minds

Following the loss of 59 people killed in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history in Las Vegas Sunday, public figures used their platforms to honor those who passed.

Stars like Celine Dion took to social media to keep their mournful messages short and succinct, writing, “Praying for all the innocent victims and their families in Las Vegas.”

And while over 500 civilians have now been recorded as injured and the investigation continues, the conversation has now shifted to gun control, and ways of preventing such tragedies in the future.

Political leaders like Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts wrote on Twitter, “Thoughts & prayers are NOT enough. Not when more moms & dads will bury kids this week, & more sons & daughters will grow up without parents.”

Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut asked Congress to “get off its ass and do something.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who fought gun violence under the Obama administration, added, “How long do we let gun violence tear families apart? Enough. Congress & the WH should act now to save lives. There’s no excuse for inaction.”

Specifically, people are not asking that guns be eliminated, period. Rather, they’re turning to their elected officials to urge them to place stricter policies that ensure weapons don’t end up in the wrong hands.

Some, for example, are calling for the prevention of mentally ill individuals to buy guns. Others urge Congress to close a “gun-show loophole,” which currently lets people purchase arms from private dealers without background checks.

Below, celebrities who are urging the government to take action now.

Hillary Clinton

Phoebe Tonkin


Adam McKay

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Bette Midler

Mark Ruffalo

Lady Gaga

Tracee Ellis Ross


Courtney Love


John Legend

Josh Groban

Janet Mock

Ben Stiller

Ariana Grande

Gigi Hadid

Ben Platt

Emmy Rossum

Elizabeth Banks

Billy Eichner

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