January Jones
Credit: Splash News

The white tee-and-jeans pairing is a sartorial tale that's as old as time. It's a classic for a reason: the combo comprises two of the most timeless staples ever. Even though its timeline can be traced as far back as the '70s—think Jane Birkin's effortlessly chic ensembles, it has faced derision in recent times for being "basic."

And yes, an outfit featuring a plain white tee and jeans is basic in that it's rooted in great predictability, but there's something insanely comforting about its familarity. Perhaps that's why the combo never really left. Jennifer Aniston made it her trademark uniform, becoming something of a poster child of the look for years (and as recent as last summer).

Maybe the pairing is so basic that it's now become fundamentally non-basic. In any case, we have the celebrity snaps to back that up. From January Jones's chic take (above) to Kristen Stewart's tough 'tude, see all the stars in white tees and jeans, proving that it's essentially the ultimate off-duty outfit.