Celebrities Support Gun Violence Awareness Day by Wearing Orange

Photo: juliannemoore/Instagram

Today marks National Gun Violance Awareness Day, and celebrities are lending their voices to help spread awareness about the very important cause. Everyone from Julianne Moore to Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer have taken to social media to speak out about the topic and show off their commitment to end gun violence by wearing orange. Moore posted three selfies holding photos of three different people who have been affected by gun violence: Jeffrey Banish, JaJuan McDowell, and Tyrone Lawson. "I #WearOrange for Tyrone along with the 93 people who are killed, and the hundreds who are injured by gun violence every day in the United States."

Kim Kardashian West shared a powerful statement about ending gun violence on her website, as well as sharing the message on her social media accounts. "I hope that we won’t become numbed by the increasing number of gun-related tragedies we see on the news. We all have a voice and a right to feel safe," she wrote.

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Scroll down to see more celebrities standing up against gun violence.

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