How Celebrities Encouraged You Vote on Election Day

The 2016 presidential election unarguably made history, but selecting the leader of the free world every four years isn’t the only time Americans can exercise their right to vote.

Local elections are being held across the country on Tuesday, Nov. 7, and casting your vote for officials in office has never been so important. In fact, it’s local policy that ultimate affects citizens across the country—and sweeping changes made at the national level typically start right in your hometown.

Celebrities know this, which is why for weeks the most politically active have taken to social media to urge you to head to the polls regardless of political affiliation. Some are taking to Twitter and Instagram to share their “I Voted” stickers while Alyssa Milano is asking her followers to proudly show her their stickers using #ShowMeYourSticker.

Visit to find your local polling place and scroll down to see all the stars speaking up.

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