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Jane Asher
Mar 17, 2017 @ 4:30 pm

In the digital age, it seems signs of a happy relationship involve a little bit of social media trolling, all in good fun of course.

Gwen Stefani updated her profile picture on Twitter on Thursday, but rather than a glam selfie, she decided to use a throwback photo of her boyfriend, Blake Shelton, rocking a very '80s mullet. We're thinking she learned her trolling skills from Chrissy Teigen, the queen of making fun of your husband on Twitter. The model has been in a happy marriage with John Legend for almost a decade now but relentlessly calls him out on her account. Though he doesn't retaliate like some hilarious couples do, we're sure the singer doesn't mind, and probably gets a good kick out of it too.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, another #relationshipgoals couple, love to call each other out on Twitter and Instagram, not just in support of each others' artistic endeavors, but also as the butt of a 140-character joke. 

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We guess it's pretty easy to make fun of someone when you've been in a relationship with them for over 10 years. Plus, you have the reassurance that they'll never get too mad, as long as it's all in good fun.

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Below, some of the funniest celebrities hardcore trolling their significant other on social media. 

Gwen Stefani

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell

Jessica Biel

I played 'sardine' and got the 50 bonus points! Guess who is no longer undefeated... #scrabblebrag

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Chrissy Teigen

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

" all started with a spider" -Walt Disney

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John Krasinski

Miley Cyrus

@liamhemsworth & I wish you a VERY loveyyyyy V-Day ❤️🌹💋

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