Celebrities Are Rallying Behind Bella Thorne After Nude Photo Leak

"I'm so proud of you for speaking up. This breaks my heart."

Bella Thorne’s friends always have her back.

After releasing her own nude photos on social media in order to reclaim her power over a hacker who was allegedly threatening her, the model and actor was criticized by Whoopi Goldberg on an episode of The View. “If you’re famous, I don’t care how old you are. You don’t take nude pictures of yourself,” the host said, essentially blaming Thorne for the hacker’s actions.

In turn, the 21-year-old posted a lengthy response on her Instagram Story, telling Goldberg that her comments made her feel “pretty disgusting” and bad about herself. “Ur view on this matter is honestly awful and I hope u change ur mindset as u are on a show talking to young girls,” she added, saying that she decided to cancel her own appearance on The View because she doesn't “want to be beaten down by a bunch of older women for my body and my sexuality.”

Shortly after Thorne spoke out, a handful of celebrities came forward to support the actor. In a series of screenshots posted to Instagram, Thorne shared some of the uplifting messages she has received from her fellow stars. “Good for you baby girl,” Katy Keene star Lucy Hale wrote. “I’m so proud of you for speaking up. This breaks my heart. But you’re making a difference for other girls and women.”

Lily Rose Depp also DM’d Thorne to tell her she would have done the same thing if she were in her shoes. “Proud of you for what you did and how you’re speaking out about it,” she said. “You’re absolutely right and anyone who’s saying otherwise is just wrong, living in another century, and clearly completely unconcerned by what repercussions words like that might have as it relates to young people and how they view their sexualities and bodies.”

The outpouring of positivity didn’t stop there. Madison Beer questioned why we aren’t “talking about the men who betrayed our trust and humiliated us?” while Dove Cameron asked: “Where is the support for young women?” Thorne also heard from Zendaya, Serayah, Taylor Giavasis, and several other stars, all with the same message: they all commended Thorne for her actions, telling her that she’s inspired others.

It seems as though the support has meant a lot to Thorne, who added on social media: “Slut shaming is one of the biggest topics of this generation but yet we still keep going some how…. When ur friends come out of the woodworks to support u is all u need to be brave.”

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