By Jennifer Velez
Updated Sep 07, 2015 @ 7:15 am
Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic

We’ve all fallen victim to beauty blunders at one point or another (hello, every yearbook photo ever taken). But if it makes you feel any better, celebrities are right there with you. Though we’re often convinced they can do no wrong, stars like Olivia Wilde and Lauren Conrad are the first to admit that they, too, have made some mistakes along the way.

Olivia Wilde

In our June 2012 issue, Olivia Wilde spoke candidly about her history of eyebrow problems and why she now wishes she put the tweezers down. “When I was 5, after watching my dad shave, I took his razor and shaved my face—including my eyebrows. You look like an alien without eyebrows,” she said. “Then, in my mid-teens, I plucked them to create that sexy Kate Moss arch. I regret it because I damaged my follicles, and now it's hard for me to grow thick, bushy brows.”

Jamie Chung

Credit: Michael Stewart/WireImage

Like most of us, Jamie Chung had her fair share of cringe-worthy moments during her middle school years. “I was in 8th grade and that was in the ‘90s so the coolest thing to do was wear brown lip liner but nothing else," she said. "And thin eye brows," she added. "Not cool."

Jennifer Aniston

Credit: Barry King/Getty Images

Before making the “Rachel” cut a household look, Jennifer Aniston admits she took a few hair risks that weren’t so successful. "I can't even call it a risk, it was just bad judgement!" she told us in an interview. "We used to shave our heads just right above the ear, and now I'm like, why did I do that?"

Lauren Conrad

Credit: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Even Lauren Conrad, who has her signature look down pat, made some rookie mistakes early on. “The first time I was allowed to wear makeup was around the 7th grade,” she told InStyle’s Kahlana Barfield in an exclusive video. “I thought you were supposed to match your eyeshadow to your clothes, and I was just sort of playing around and figured it out along the way.”

Debra Messing

Credit: D Dipasupil/Getty Images

When we chatted with Debra Messing, the actress dished on the one throwback hairstyle she’ll never try again. “I certainly wouldn’t do the bi-level haircut that I had in high school, coupled with a perm. I just looked like a poodle.”

Danielle Fishel

Credit: Jerod Harris/Getty Images

While Danielle Fishel’s luscious head of hair (see it in all its glory here) was a source of some pretty serious envy during her days on Boy Meets World, there’s one style in particular she isn't so proud of. "I had those full-feathered bangs that started all the way at the back of your head. My forehead isn't very big, I should have never had those bangs!" she said when visiting the InStyle offices. "You had to fully curl them with a little curling iron and then tease them—it was almost like a mullet. It's terrifying. If those ever came back, I would just pack a bag and leave. I'd never be able to handle it!"

Julianne Moore

Credit: Anthony Harvey/FilmMagic

While we’re certain Julianne Moore can pull off just about any hairstyle, the famous redhead told us bangs probably aren’t her best look. "Oh my god, bangs! Always a mistake for me,” she said in our September 2015 issue. “The minute I cut them I'm like, Why did I do this? I have a cowlick at the front of my head, so they always split."

Vanessa Hudgens

Credit: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Although we think Vanessa Hudgens’s hair transformations have always been flattering, according to the star, she's no stranger to a slip-up. “When I was 7, I gave myself a bob and bangs. It was really sad. I looked like I had worms on my head," she confessed to InStyle back in 2009. "I went through a stage where I had burgundy hair, which was frightening, and I had light brown hair with light blond highlights. It looked so bad! My friend said it looked like I'd dipped my hair in ashes."

Margot Robbie

Credit: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

A bad haircut can haunt you for life—just ask Margot Robbie. For her, it was the super-short crop she sported when she was 5 years old. "Everyone at school actually thought I was a boy," she told us. "That was traumatic. I never forgave my mum for that. I am scarred by those memories!"