Orlando Mass Shooting
Credit: Splash News

What might have been another easygoing summer weekend was shattered with the news of a mass shooting at Pulse, an Orlando, Fl. gay nightclub. According to People, authorities are saying about 50 people have died and at least 53 are injured, after a gunman identified as Omar Mateen opened fire on the crowd in the early Sunday morning hours.

As authorities are still investigating the motive behind the shooting, hundreds have lined up to donate blood. Celebrities, meanwhile, have expressed an outpouring of grief.

Soccer player Alex Morgan, who is a forward for the Orlando Pride soccer team, was especially hit hard.

While others in the LBGT community and beyond were shocked and saddened by the massacre.

It's been a dark weekend overall. The shooting takes place a day after news that The Voice star Christina Grimmie was killed in a fan meet and greet.

Our thoughts are with the families of both Grimmie and the victims of the Orlando, Fl. shooting.