On this day, 20 years ago, millions of hearts were broken as the world learned of the death of beloved international icon Princess Diana.

Although time is said to heal all wounds, the pain of the late royal’s death is one still felt around the world two decades later—and it seems nearly as raw as it did then.

Princess Diana’s 1997 car accident and subsequent death were widely attributed to the paparazzi’s aggressive obsession with photographing the People’s Princess. One can’t help but wonder how the story might’ve played out had Diana reigned during the dawn of social media—if Instagram and Twitter branding could’ve kept the media at bay.

Ironically, many celebrities have taken to the respective platforms to pay tribute to the late royal. Although our means of communication have radically changed in the past 20 years, Princess Di’s impact is still felt in modern society.

Scroll down below to see stars’ touching homages to the one and only Princess Diana.

Cindy Crawford

Lena Dunham

Elton John

Katie Couric

Mario Dedivanovic

Alexa Chung

Rita Wilson