Angie Harmon and Rebecca Romijn
Credit: Courtesy of Mi Belle Photographers

Celebrity trainer and nutrition coach Kathy Kaehler visits homes of stars like Jennie Garth and Emma Roberts as part of her latest program, Sunday Set-Up. "You'll have healthier meals, less stress and spend less money if you have everything ready to go," says Kaehler, who shows clients how to prepare a week's worth of healthy, organic meals in just an hour and a half. "It's a smart, simple way to control what you eat." Kaehler called her most recent Set-Up, with Rebecca Romijn, Amber Valetta, Angie Harmon and Julie Moran, "Cooking for a Cause" because it benefited Haiti. "I have the best girlfriends!" said Harmon, who hosted. "They all came together to help the people and children of Haiti."

You can follow Kaehler's Hollywood tour as well as get the shopping lists, recipes and meal plans on her Web site.