Game of Thrones Fashion
Credit: Facebook/Game of Thrones

It may be spring in real life, but in the fictional land of Westeros, winter is coming. The highly anticipated Season 5 Game of Thrones premiere is slated to air this Sunday, April 12 on HBO, and in honor of our favorite fantasy drama's return to the small screen, we culled pieces that speak to the primary themes of the series.

Daenerys Targaryen, aka the Mother of Dragons, holds one of the most compelling storylines as she conquers new territories, frees slaves and builds herself an army along the way. So, we dedicated a section of reptilian-printed accessories and dragon-inspired pieces in her honor.

Game of Thrones Fashion
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With the kingdoms in the throes of a civil war, each vying for the Iron Throne, an arsenal of weaponry and armory is crucial. We shopped out the motif, with sword-inspired earrings, chainmail-like belts, and plated armor rings. And lastly, we addressed regality in all its grandeur, with apparel cut from rich brocade fabrics and jewels fit for the royal court.