She was honored in her hometown.


While Catherine Zeta-Jones snagged the Freedom of the City award in Swansea, the Welsh town where she was born, it was her 18-year-old son, Dylan Michael Douglas, that stole a little bit of the show during the ceremony. While Zeta-Jones isn't shy about posting about him on social media, he's generally stayed out of the news, so seeing him beaming alongside his mom was a reason to celebrate.

Not quite sure what the Freedom of the City really is? You're not alone. WalesOnline explains that the "freedom of the city is the highest honor a location can bestow on a person." It's similar to getting the key to a city, which is where the name comes from. Back when most cities were walled fortresses, having a key meant that the honored citizen could come and go as he or she pleased. That requires trust, which is why it's such an honor. Past honorees include U.S. President James Earl Carter, various soccer players from Swansea, composers, and, naturally, the Prince of Wales.

Catherine Zeta-Jones receives Freedom of the City of Swansea
Credit: Ben Birchall - PA Images/Getty Images

The family reunion comes between Dylan's school schedule. According to USA Today, he's enrolled at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Of course, his mom posted a sweet goodbye video to social media when he moved into his dorm. With a tear-jerking post like that, it's clear Zeta-Jones wants as much time with her son as possible.

"I'm very honored and humbled and very happy to share it with my family here in Wales, as well as my friends and mentors throughout the years," Zeta-Jones said at the ceremony. "My headmaster, my dancing teacher and most importantly, my husband Michael, and my son Dylan."

Zeta-Jones also thanked Carys, her daughter, who was unable to attend because of a school conflict. Carys may be more familiar to fans of the Douglas family, since she's amassed a huge social media following and appeared alongside her mom at the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show just last year. While his sister has been spotted sitting in the front row, Dylan's kept a lower profile. He actually went to prom the day of that particular fashion show, which Zeta-Jones telegraphed via Instagram, telling her followers that she was "prom proud."

With his mom's new honor, Dylan's got one more thing to be proud of. The Oscar, Screen Actors Guild Award, Tony, and BAFTA don't hurt, either.