Cate & Russell's Robin Hood Style

Photo: Universal Studios

We've never seen such stylish swashbuckling! While Cate Blanchett and Russell Crowe hit the red carpet for the world premiere of Robin Hood in Cannes this morning, wardrobe designer Janty Yates gave us inside scoop on the costumes she created for the action adventure flick. "[Blanchett's character] Maid Marion lives hand to mouth and wouldn't have had new clothes for 10 years, so we wanted to give her clothes an earthy simplicity," Yates said. The biggest challenge of transforming the stylish star into a penniless aristocrat? "Cate makes everything look gorgeous!" including a pair of custom Bruno Frisoni by Roger Vivier boots that were so beautiful Blanchett herself didn't want to mess them up. "I was slightly freaked out about the amount of mud I had to wade through," she said. While Blanchett's costuming was simple, Crowe weighed in on every detail of his wardrobe. "Cate just got into her gear and went off, but Russell is very specific about what he wants," remembered Yancy. "When I flew to Australia for his fitting, I took 23 suitcases so that we would have lots of choices. He has a great eye for detail." Click on for more scoop on Blanchett and Crowe's Robin Hood style (including those to-die-for Vivier boots!).

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