Cate Blanchett Reveals the Unglamorous Thing She'll Be Doing Sunday Morning Before the Oscars

Cate Blanchett SK-II Event
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Cate Blanchett looks absolutely radiant in person. Which is why I was surprised to learn during our sit-down interview on Friday afternoon in Los Angeles that she is in the midst of recovering from a pretty bad head cold, just a day before the Academy Awards. But the Australian actress, who is nominated for Best Actress for her role in Carol, isn’t letting a raspy voice and a little congestion put a damper on her party. “What I have to do is get a Vitamin B shot in my butt, if you really want to know,” Blanchett bluntly blurts out as she simultaneously starts chucking. “So that’s what I’ll be doing Sunday morning.”

Somehow a shot in the rear still sounds glam coming from Blanchett, who revealed she has narrowed down her Oscars gown to two final choices and wont decide “till I wake up Sunday morning,” She is poised, whip smart, sarcastic, and absolutely hilarious. And so our conversation continues forward to how the statuesque star is prepping for one of the biggest nights in her career.

“I think about my skin care more,” says the SK-II spokeswoman, who clearly doesn’t need to with one look at her porcelain complexion. “I’ll put a facial treatment mask on beforehand, because anything you can do to feel unselfconscious and confident when you’ve got all those cameras looking at you on Sunday is good.”

No doubt the actress will slay on the red carpet in whichever gown she chooses (when does she not), but there’s one accessory you likely won’t see the star accentuating her dress with.

“I’m not really a clutch girl,” she states. “Normally my agent hates me on the way there because it’s a long trip [down the carpet] and I ask her every five seconds ‘do I have enough lipstick on?’ She goes, ‘Yes.’ There’s a silence. I go, ‘do I have enough lipstick on?’ So I normally ask her to carry lipstick. And then we carry my mobile phone so I can call my kids and then I’ll take the SK-ll Essence along in my bag. Because it’s a very long night.”

We can’t wait to see the star hit the carpet on Sunday at the 86th annual Academy Awards.

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