This Is How Cate Blanchett and Giorgio Armani Are Giving Women a Voice

Cate Blanchett
Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Designer Giorgio Armani uses fashion to empower women with his sleek power suits and beautiful, well-crafted pieces. And now, he's gone one step further, giving women a voice with the Sì Inner Circle, a newly created digital platform that encourages open dialogue between one another and serves as an opportunity to share life stories.

The designer defines an Armani woman—a Sì woman—as someone who "allows herself to be who she is, who celebrates who she is: strong and sensitive, deep and lighthearted, enterprising and thoughtful.... (who is) simple and complex, bold and natural, elegant and graceful." Basically, that woman is Cate Blanchett, the ambassador of Giorgio Armani's fragrance Sì, and possibly the most elegant person to walk the Earth. So, it makes sense that she was the one to start the conversation, inviting woman to contribute and say yes, or sì, with a video portrait.

And, well, it worked. The first installment of the Sì Inner Circle features five women from around the world: Helena Rizzo, a Brazilian chef; Kee-Yoon Kim, a lawyer who pursued her dream to be a comedienne; Charlotte Ransen, a coryphée with the Paris Opera Ballet who is dedicated to her craft; Yuja Wang, a professional pianist who overcame great odds; and Cecile Schmollgruber, the founder of a 3D tech brand, Stereolabs.

Get to know the first Rizzo, Kim, and Wang in the inner circle (more will roll out this month), find inspiration in their stories, and start saying sì to yourself.

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