Cate Blanchett Wore the Most Confusing Airport Outfit


There are few things Cate Blanchett could convince anyone of pretty much anything when it comes to style. I mean, the woman got us to drop nearly $200 on what is essentially face water — her power is unparalleled. That being said, Blanchett recently did something that had us both intrigued and confused.

Blanchett, the Katharine Hepburn of our times, arrived at LAX wearing a brown leather jumpsuit by Belstaff, black leather boots, and oversized pink Karen Walker sunglasses, looking ready to travel back in time and steal Leonardo DiCaprio’s role in The Aviator from him.

Cate Blanchett
SMXRF/Star Max/Getty Images

Don’t get us wrong — Blanchett looked incredible. She could fly us anywhere in that jumpsuit (with or without a pilot’s license). The issue here is that this is the outfit Blanchett chose to sit on a plane in. And though we’re not sure where she was headed in this rigid and sure to ride-up one-piece, she was spotted with her passport in-hand, so chances are it wasn’t a quick trip (or she travels domestically with her passport, which is valid and something important trendsetters like me do).

And OK, let’s say this fine work of Italian craftsmanship is buttery and unspeakably comfortable. Even so, WHAT about the bathroom? Does Ms. Blanchett mean to tell us that she’s prepared to fully disrobe in a claustrophobia-triggering airplane bathroom? Maybe she’s transcended the need to use the bathroom?

There’s a lot to unpack here. Press conference when you land, Cate?

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