Credit: Patrick Harbron/ABC

"Tomorrow morning is my last Ugly Betty scene evah!" Michael Urie tweeted on Monday. "Think if I don't show up, it'll mean they can't cancel us?" Sadly, the fate of the show has already been decided, but that doesn't mean the tight-knit cast is going their separate ways. Tonight they'll gather for a wrap party in N.Y.C., where guests will get to sing karaoke with backup from a live band (we'd die to see Urie and Becki Newton perform a duet in character as their awful alter-egos, Marc and Amanda!) and on April 12th, they'll help America Ferrera host an auction of Betty-inspired artwork (inset) to benefit Save the Children. No word on whether the group will get together to watch the series finale on April 14th, but we know we'll be glued to the TV. Earlier this year show creator Silvio Horta admitted that a love match between Betty and Daniel "is not outside the realm of possibility" and now our sources hint that a few will-they-or-won't-they moments in the final two episodes will keep us in suspense until the very end. Tell us: Should Betty and Daniel end up together?