In Case You Missed It: Our @InStyle Twitterview with Editor Ariel Foxman

Ariel Foxman Twitterview
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Our second Twitterview with InStyle editor Ariel Foxman was a success! He joined us this afternoon to answer all of your questions about fashion, breaking into the magazine industry, and even what he’ll be dressing up as for Halloween. (And for the record, Ariel, we think you’ll be a great George Clooney.) In case you missed it, you can read the full Q+A right here! Scroll down for the full transcript, and be sure to follow @InStyle and @arielfoxman on Twitter.

@trendyjenny: "Do you wear vintage? If so, what’s your favorite piece?""I don’t wear vintage—anymore. Though I’ve got a [pair] of @DriesVanNoten boots from the 90s that qualify."

@jamieprimeau: "What’s something you know now that you wish you knew when starting your career?""That every single thing u worry about u will soon forget. And that u can’t really plan. And that’s good."

@HilldaleMadison: "How many folks decide the cover & how far out of the publication date is it decided?""A small editorial team confers on the cover. And we book the cover anywhere from 3-18 months ahead."

@julietbickford: "What’s the stylish fall equivalent to easy summer dresses?""A roomy sweater paired w/ a skirt or cropped pants. Or, grab an animal print wrap dress."

@CMA_Fashion: "Who’s the one designer you’d wear if you were a woman?""So hard! Some: @ReedKrakoff, @proenzaschouler @ALTUZARRASTUDIO @jcrew and @DriesVanNoten"

@vmati: "What piece of advice has carried you through your career?""(1). Be nice to all, not just upper mgmt.. (2) Don’t overserve the customer. Serve them just enough. (3). Work."

@MorganGibson: "What is your favorite @InStyle cover ever? So many gorgeous covesr to choose from!""Obsessed w/ our Dec ’13 cover—out 11/15. #todiefor. Also, will never forget @gwenstefani Nov 11"

@Localite_LA: "If you could bring back one trend, what would it be and why?""I’d say grunge, minimalism—my college-years sweet spot—but designers are bringing it back on their own!"

@Elvy_Tan: "What skills should a recent grad have to be eligible for an editorial job?""Understand good storytelling, be able to write, and be ready to work with no complaining."

@jennifer_merritt: "Who is one celeb (dead or alive!) you’d love to have on the cover but haven’t yet?""I’d love to have whoever our first female first lady will be."

@steph11185: "Have you ever been star struck? If so, by whom?""Once, Jodie Foster. #FreakyFriday, people. Once @Oprah. We talked, she held both my hands. For 30 secs."

@bethcombsblog: "As a corporate woman on a budget, what designers/lines do you recommend?""Check out Nov issue. Great story on best pieces to buy at affordable fashion ships like @hm, @ZARA, more."

@NYsocialbee: "What makes you the happiest?""Professionally? Engaging with readers/users. Twitterviews. Reading reader mail. Testimonials from retail."

@angelamatusik: "What’s your Halloween costume plan?""Feeling #GeorgeClooney in #Gravity this year. Lots of assumptions on my part. Like the face, costume."

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