In Case You Missed It: Our Amazing Twitterview with Drew Barrymore (and Special Guest Star Jimmy Fallon)

Drew Barrymore InStyle Twitterview
Photo: Courtesy of Drew Barrymore

As if we couldn't love our September cover girl anymore: Drew Barrymore just did her first ever Twitterview with us (after joining Twitter on Tuesday!), and she gave the best answers. She had a great time herself, tweeting, "This like the stock market. All the excitement but none of the heartache," attaching the adorable photo on the left. In case you missed it, we recapped the Q+A below, and watch out for a special guest appearance by talk show host and new dad, Jimmy Fallon!

Q: .@DrewBarrymore, @andrewpeddlens asks “Super hero films are huge lately. If given the chance, what heroine would you be?”

A: .@InStyle @andrewpeddlens Firestarter Firestarter Firestarter. #thatwasfun

Q: .@DrewBarrymore, @LauraSpeers31 asks “Who is your style icon? Who inspires your fashion choices?"

A: .@InStyle @LauraSpeers31 100% @DavidBowieReal in every era

Q from Jimmy Fallon: Hey @drewbarrymore @instyle Can you finish this rhyme? Jamming with my boombox, walking 30 miles…A: .@jimmyfallon @InStyle ...eatin' greasy cheeseburgers with my friend @Harry_Styles #HarryStyles

Q: .@DrewBarrymore, Alissa Anderson asks “What made you start your own makeup line (which is fabulous BTW!)?”

A: .@InStyle Alissa, I wanted to create high-end formulas at an affordable price because women deserve the best @flowerbeauty

Q: .@DrewBarrymore, @ashleyrachellep asks “If you could give Olive one piece of advice to know growing up, what would it be?”

A: .@InStyle @ashleyrachellep What I tell myself: When a woman smiles, she is the most beautiful. #laughlinesrule

Q: .@DrewBarrymore, @laurenlawless asks “If you could work with any other band on their music video, who would it be?”

A: . @InStyle @LaurenLawless Raucous songs to raucous images @elliegoulding

Q: .@DrewBarrymore, @Mary19711 asks “If you weren’t an actress, what could you see yourself being instead?”

A: .@InStyle @Mary19711 Ooh, I fantasize all the time about different lives. Today... a horse jockey, a pie-maker, a sommelier

Q: .@DrewBarrymore, @Queenthero asks “What’s your beauty secret? I’m dying to know.”

A: .@InStyle @Queenthero Skincognito Stick Foundation from @flowerbeauty. Secret weapon that #hidesthebad.

Q: @DrewBarrymore: Joseph LaFalce asks “I love Never Been Kissed! Still have those gaucho pants that you got on sale?”

A: .@Instyle Joseph LaFalce - So glad you asked, I'm wearing them right now. #josiegrossielovesyou

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