By Christopher Luu
Updated Jan 01, 2019 @ 11:45 am

No, it's not scientifically proven, but according to Carrie Underwood, she can tell that her due date is coming up quickly. In a new Instagram post, the singer shows her super-sweet family tying her shoes. Thanks to her very big stomach, Underwood can't contort to do it herself, a sure sign that the family's new addition is about to arrive.

"I can no longer tie my own shoes...So glad I have such sweet helpers!" Underwood captioned the video, which features her husband, Mike Fisher, and 3-year-old Isaiah at her feet. They're both working to tie her shoelaces with varying success. Fisher's a pro, but Isaiah's got his own technique, which involves plenty of knots and not any sort of rabbit ears and loops.

Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

Underwood announced her pregnancy back in August 2018 during her stint as co-host of the 2018 CMA Awards with Brad Paisley. She later went on to tell her fans that it would be another boy, though this pregnancy is vastly different from her first one. Underwood told Entertainment Tonight that her body going through totally different changes this time around — including getting so big that she can't wear any of her own clothes.

"It's definitely different than the first time," she told ET in October. "When they say every pregnancy is different, it really is. Just different symptoms. I feel like this one is just a little harder on my body for some reason. But it's been really good."