Carrie Underwood - Lead
Credit: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

Carrie Underwood may have given birth to her son Isaiah Michael Fisher in March, but the country crooner bounced back to her pre-baby shape in no time, no doubt thanks to her healthy eating habits. And if you've ever wondered exactly what Underwood eats, you're in luck—the singer recently shared the recipe for her favorite breakfast, and it looks just as delicious as it does healthy.

So what's in Underwood's yummy meal? The singer combines oatmeal, unsweeted vanilla almond milk, chia seeds, pumpkin pie spice, and blueberries together, and then leaves it in the fridge overnight to make overnight oats. This is a recipe we're going to have to try ASAP.

And if you needed further proof that the new mom knows a thing or two about nutrition, look no further than the cover for her latest single, "Smoke Break." In the shot, Underwood looks beyond toned and almost better than she looked before baby. You go, Carrie.

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