By Sharon Clott Kanter
Updated Dec 17, 2014 @ 5:16 pm
XPX/Star Max/GC Images, Kevin Mazur/Getty Images, PacificCoastNews

Carrie Underwood has learned to love many things about being pregnant but maternity clothes is not one of them. "They're so hard for me to wear because there are so just so many that I don't like," she told InStyle last week at the New York launch of her Calia by Carrie fitness apparel line, which drops this spring at Dick's Sporting Goods. "But the great thing about fashion right now is that there are so many items that are looser," she said. Which is exactly why she's been opting for baby doll dresses (above center is by Duchess Kate–fave Temperley London) and baggy jackets that cover the bump in atypical maternity ways. "I just want people to know you don’t just have to wear maternity clothes because you’re pregnant."

For her, feeling chic is just that—a feeling. "There are some days when I really don’t want to look chic and I don’t and that’s OK. It’s all about finding a few things here and there that make you feel confident because you don’t have to go into hiding just because you’re pregnant."

There's one thing she does need in the maternity clothes realm, though. "Jeans!" she said. "I have the maternity ones. They're the one thing that you really can't wear normal when pregnant." Pointing down to the pair she had on at the event, "these happen to go up really high," she says. She wasn't happy about it.