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Billie Lourd has been pretty busy lately. She's starring on American Horror Story for the first time this season, she'll be in the next Star Wars installment (out Dec. 15), and she still finds time to share it all with almost a million Instagram followers.

Needless to say, she's got a lot going on, so when she stopped by American Eagle’s 40th anniversary celebration and opening of AE Studio in Union Square this week, InStyle took a moment to catch up with her. And when she wasn't telling hilarious tattoo stories about her mom, the late Carrie Fisher, she was spilling details on everything from Halloween plans to Gary the dog.

Read through the four things we learned from catching up with Lourd.

Credit: Fred Duval/FilmMagic

1. Gary the dog is a globetrotter now.

When InStyle asked Lourd how Gary is doing, she gave an incredibly positive response.

"He’s the best, he’s the best," Lourd said. "Tongue is still out and dragging all over floors all over the world."

2. She's "copping out" for Halloween.

Being on American Horror Story doesn't mean Lourd is going all out for the holiday. "I’m the worst about that. I’m actually going to a wedding this weekend and then I don’t know, I end up wearing something funky and calling it badass aka copping out, basically," she said. "That’s my problem, I play all these characters that are good Halloween costumes and so I can’t have a good Halloween costume. It’s really hard."

3. But an American Horror Story costume isn't out of the question.

When asked which AHS character she would most like to dress up as for Halloween (excluding her own, for obvious reasons), her reply was pretty understandable.

"Detective Samuels cause he’s smoking," she said. "I should. Colton [Haynes] would love that."

Credit: Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

4. And she's fully obsessed with her jeans.

Given she was at an American Eagle event, it was understandable for Lourd to be excited about her denim, but she went so far as to call them "like heaven," which is a pretty high compliment if you ask us.

"They’re the softest things ever. They go beyond even jeggings," she said. "They’re like heaven. They’re so so comfortable. I’m obsessed with being comfortable."