The 'And Just Like That ...' Set Photos from Paris Mean So Much More Now

After the show's first episode, fan theories are getting new life.

Update December 10, 2021: The first two episodes of And Just Like That ... hit HBO Max and (spoiler, really) viewers know that all those rumors about a Big death were true. John James Preston passed away after a Peloton workout and the second episode focused on his unorthodox funeral.

As the show filmed, fans noticed that the Big and Carrie characters were in Paris, causing multiple fan theories about flashbacks, possible ash-scattering, and, general heartbreak thanks to Sarah Jessica Parker's very expressive gestures. Now, all fans need to do is figure out exactly how Carrie will memorialize Big in the City of Lights.

Previously: Fans are getting their fill of Sex and the City fashion as the show's reboot, And Just Like That ..., films in New York City, but new photos from a field trip to Paris (and longtime viewers know what that city means to Carrie Bradshaw) have rumors swirling. In a new set of behind-the-scenes shots, Sarah Jessica Parker's Bradshaw stands on one of Paris's storied bridges, clad in a sleeping bag-style coat and carrying an Eiffel Tower-shaped minaudière. Additional shots show her alongside Chris Noth's Mr. Big, sparking even more rumors — and counter-rumors — as to what exactly the new show has in store for Carrie and Co.

Fans on Instagram postulate that Carrie could be scattering Stanford Blatch's ashes. Willie Garson, who played Bradshaw's BFF, recently passed away, though HBO didn't mention just how involved his character would be in the new show.

"Maybe she's spreading Stanford's ashes," a commenter wrote. Another had a different idea: "She's scattering Big's ashes. I don't want to watch now."

Another post had supporting comments, with, "That looks like she scattering some ashes there" and others suggesting it was a dream sequence, "I think she's scattering his ashes and he's there as a dream."

Carrie Bradshaw Sex and the City Urn Scene
The Mega Agency
Carrie Bradshaw Sex and the City Urn Scene
The Mega Agency

After Garson's death, Parker wrote a touching tribute to her friend on Instagram, noting that they were close on and off the screen and that she'd do her best to remember their best memories together.

"I will miss everything about you. And replay our last moments together. I will re-read every text from your final days and put to pen our last calls," her caption read. "Your absence a crater that I will fill with blessing of these memories and all the ones that are still in recesses yet to surface."

Rumors of Big's passing surfaced when shots of the cast dressed ready for a funeral hit gossip sites. That rumor was never confirmed, though Instagram account Deux Moi was flooded with unverified accounts citing a leaked script.

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