Elton John, James Corden
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Elton John will be James Corden’s next guest in the carpool lane.

In discussing how The Late Late Show managed to snag Adele for the latest edition of Carpool Karaoke, EP Ben Winston revealed to Vulture that Sir Elton’s segment has already been filmed, and that it will air following the Super Bowl.

“Elton is a really iconic name,” said Winston. “Whatever age you are, you love him. He’s got a back catalogue that goes for years. When we booked him, we were just punching the air.”

Unlike Adele’s segment, which was filmed in the U.K. over the holidays, Corden filmed with the England-born icon in Los Angeles, “but it was London weather,” said Winston. “It was pissing rain. And it was fantastic. Elton is just the most charming, wonderful guy.”

Corden’s past guests include One Direction, Justin Bieber (x2), Rod Stewart, and Stevie Wonder. Mariah Carey was the first to agree to the segment, and that opened a lot of doors for The Late Late Show’s bookers; however, it was the attention garnered from Wonder’s Carpool Karaoke—which sent the singer-songwriter’s 2002 greatest hits compilation to the top of the charts in the U.K.—that really had artists and labels sitting up and paying attention. “Suddenly, it wasn’t such a long shot to be asking your Rod Stewarts and your Elton Johns and your Coldplays,” Winston added. “That was probably a turning point for us.”

For more, check out Winston’s full interview with Vulture, where reveals that the first cut of Adele’s Carpool Karaoke ran at a whopping 52 minutes long.

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