Caroline de Maigret, model and Parisian style icon, stopped by Dirty Laundry this week to chat with InStyle Editor-in-Chief Laura Brown about her favorite clothes, and all French style fans should listen up. The 42-year-old Chanel muse brought along the self-described "only thing she ever wears," and surprisingly for this lover of pants, it’s actually a dress.

“This is a Chanel dress that I got a few years ago, and it’s one of the only dresses I’m able to wear where I still feel myself. It’s easy. It’s sexy in a very sweet way. I find it very subtle and very beautiful. It’s incredibly well done,” she says in the clip at top (watch the full video on People TV).

“It’s quite romantic,” de Maigret, who usually swears by one of her “maybe 50” pairs of jeans, says of the LBD.

VIDEO: Caroline de Maigret's "Spaceman" Chanel Hoodie

The model wore the Chanel piece back in Cuba for the brand’s fashion show, and says she danced the night away.

Watch the clip above for the other (surprisingly casual) Chanel staple she can’t live without, and check out more from de Maigret on People TV.