Carly Rae Jepsen's Stylist on the Best Bangs for Your Face Shape

Carly Rae Jepsen
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Carly Rae Jepsen is the hero of the blunt bang look, which is why we caught up with her hairstylist Sara Meddick of the Nelson J Salon in Beverly Hills -- the only person Jepsen trusts with her fringe -- for the inside scoop. "Although Carly Rae's bangs are on the heavy side, she likes the ends to have texture so they appear piece-y and have a slight curve on the sides of her face," said Meddick. "She likes to have them fall right below the eyebrow." Her styling secret? "The best way is to finger dry them—avoiding using a round brush or a flat iron." Rather, the stylist uses the salon's Nelson J hair products, available at Considering the look? See her advice for finding the right style for every face shape below.

IF YOUR FACE IS SQUARE: Layered bangs that fall to or below the eyebrows are very flattering, especially when swept to the side. Wispy bangs look great, too—it will soften the edges of your face.

IF YOUR FACE IS ROUND: Go for long, side swept bangs or wispy fringe. This will take the attention away from the sides of your face and will help make the face look longer.

IF YOUR FACE IS OVAL OR LONG: This is the ideal face shape for bangs and so many options will work. Work with your hair type -- if you have thick hair, try a short blunt bang. If your hair is thin, try a billowy bang or long wisps.

IF YOUR FACE IS HEART-SHAPED: Side-swept or off-center long bangs will take the attention away from your sharp chin, as will short, wispy bangs.

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