Wouldn't it be lovely if someone remade the classic musical My Fair Lady with a fresh face—say, Carey Mulligan—in the role of Eliza Dolittle? Our wishes may have been granted: Emma Thompson told BBC News that she is writing a remake with Mulligan set to play the iconic Cockney flower girl. The young British actress made a splash this year for her role in An Education, garnering an Oscar nomination and comparisons to Audrey Hepburn, who played Eliza in the 1964 original. The role of Dolittle's mentor, Henry Higgins, has yet to be cast, but Thompson has another Brit in mind. "I love Hugh Grant so I'd love him to do it," she said to BBC News. We love the idea of Grant and Mulligan singing "The Rain in Spain" not to mention the fabulous fashion moments as Dolittle makes her transformation. When can we expect the sure-to-be dazzling remake? "Hopefully...later this year," said Thompson.