A Doctor Explains Why Cardi B's Feet Are So Swollen After Liposuction

She's been insturcted "chill" while she recovers.

It's no secret that Cardi B has trouble saying no to work. She's said that she's "addicted" to money, so it's got to be hard for her right now, because she's had to cancel a slew of shows following concerns about her health as she recovers from post-partum plastic surgeries.

People reports that fans aren't happy about the cancelations, but when they get a look at Cardi's swollen feet, which she posted to social media, they might be a little more understanding.

Cardi posted a snapshot of her very, very swollen feet to her Instagram Story, explaining that her entire body — not just her feet — got swollen during her recovery from plastic surgery, specifically during flights. Last May, the singer confirmed that she had liposuction after the birth of her daughter, Kulture, as well as post-pregnancy breast augmentation.

"Look how swollen my feet get every time I take a plane, imagine my body," she posted on a now-deleted story. "Reasons why doctors told me to chill on shows."

Cardi B Summer Jam 2019
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The image shows Cardi's feet and ankles, all swollen to huge proportions. There are lines from the shoes she was wearing and she's propped her feet up on a counter, probably to get some sort of relief.

"My stomach gets even more puffy," she added. "My feet and stomach burn when I get puffed up."

Dr. Ariel Ostad, an NYC-based, board-certified cosmetic dermatologist, explains that liposuction aftercare involves wearing compression garments, which can actually cause swelling in certain parts of the body.

"Tight abdominal compression garments can cause lower leg and foot swelling," Ostad tells InStyle. "Leg and thigh compression garments can further exacerbate foot swelling if the patient is not wearing stockings that include the feet as there is slowing and removal of fluid from the feet due to the tight compression above them.”

Plus, traveling can add to that swelling. Since she's performing all over the country, Cardi has been logging plenty of miles, which isn't helping her body recover.

"Flying can exasperate swelling for anyone, but can be especially noticeable in liposuction patients," Ostad adds. "Sitting in one place for a long period of time interrupts the normal flow of blood and fluids for anyone — when wearing post-liposuction garments, patients will further see a blocking of the proper drainage of fluid from the feet."

Ostad notes that a speedy recovery involves plenty of rest and drinking water, as well as following all the instructions for the compression garments. They may be uncomfortable, but they're a big part of recovery and healing.

Cardi faced a huge amount of backlash after she spoke on her plastic surgery. Critics across the internet called her approach "lazy" and suggested exercise instead of opting for surgery. Right now, Cardi's taking some much-needed time off to recuperate, but she's still got plenty of time to clap back. She explained to all the haters that her job as a performer is 24/7, so she doesn't have the time to work out, and that some of the things she wanted wouldn't have been attainable by hitting weights at the gym.

"My job as an entertainer is a 24-hour job, bro. So, no, I don’t have time to work out," she said during an Instagram Live video on May 27. "And I wanted specific things that I know that no matter how much I work out, is not going to get fixed. Like my boobs, no matter how much I work out, they're not going to lift themselves. So, yeah, I have to get f—ing surgery. That's right. All right? ... I can do whatever the f— I want with my body."

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