Cardi B Had a Total Fangirl Moment While Meeting This Pop Star

Cardi B, the stripper-turned-rapper, whose single "Bodak Yellow beat out Taylor Swift's no. 1 spot on the charts, has captured the attention of a few choice women during her rise to the top, and the songstress still can't get over her new famous friends.

While she may have nearly 13 million loyal Instagram followers, the singer couldn't help but get starstruck when she met some of the best female musicians in the business. Backstage at a benefit, Cardi B failed at containing her excitement after introducing herself to fellow Bronx native Jennifer Lopez. "I just kept acting like a f*cking weirdo, but I think she understands," she exclaimed about meeting the Latina songstress to The Cut.

And J.Lo is not the only famous face that put Cardi in a complete trance. "Man, I met Beyoncé, too. Who else I gonna meet? Jesus?"

We're not sure who Cardi will meet next, but as long as her success keeps growing, the sky (and stars) is the limit!

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