By Jennifer Davis
Updated Jan 04, 2018 @ 7:00 am
Credit: Thaddaeus McAdams/WireImage; Kevin Mazur/Getty Image

Looks like 2018 is about to get its first anthem. Cardi B and Bruno Mars teamed up to remix his song "Finesse," which dropped a little before midnight on Wednesday.

Earlier that day, both artists took to Instagram to announce the collaboration with a photo of the two of them dressed in colorful outfits looking pretty dope. For the single cover, Cardi B wears a green backwards hat, the largest hoop earrings maybe ever, a multi-colored bomber jacket, crop top, and high-waisted denim cut-off shorts.

Meanwhile, Mars chose a striped short-sleeve hoodie, which he wore over a long-sleeve shirt. He accessorized with two gold chains and a cross necklace. A+ outfit choices, guys.

"Start your 2018 with Big Bronx Boogie Herself @iamcardib and me Midnight Tonight EST #Finesse," Mars wrote alongside the photo.

Cardi B shared the same image by writing: "Oh Hey @brunomars!!!! Finesse!! Drops tonight, midnight!! ITS AMAZZZZIIIINGGG."

The '90s-inspired snapshot was a huge clue of what to expect from the pair's new video, which is dedicated to Mars's favorite TV show: In Living Color. "This video is dedicated to one of my favorite T.V. show of all time," he wrote on Twitter, following up with another tweet referencing the creator of the comedy series: "Shout out to the people over at Fox Studios and a very special thank you to @keeneniwayans."

In the video, Cardi B makes her presence be known with an epic opening rap while dancing with a paintbrush in hand. “Drop top Porsche / Rollie on my wrist / Diamonds up and down my chain / Cardi B, straight stuntin’, can’t tell me nothin'," she sings.

Bruno picks up where Cardi left off, belting out the second verse on a soundstage and showing off his very boy band-esque dance moves, before delving into the catchy hook: “We out here drippin’ in finesse / It don’t make no sense / Out here drippin’ in finesse / You know it, you know it.."

Watch the entire video above.