Say Goodbye to Your Summer Bod, Caramel M&Ms Are Coming

Your newest candy obsession has arrived—right when you were going to start working on your summer bod. M&M's announced a new flavor this week, Caramel, just in time to celebrate National Caramel Day on Wednesday.


The flavor combines your favorite salty caramel chews with the candied chocolate M&M's is famous for, resulting in a velvety, rich flavor with a surprise crunch from the colorful candy shell. Think Rolos, with a little more pop.

The new flavor doesn't hit shelves until May, but thankfully, this amazing iteration is not limited edition and will join the ranks of Peanut, Milk Chocolate, and Peanut Butter, as "the top flavor variants within the M&M's brand," according to a press release. As the "fourth largest flavor partition within chocolate," caramel was the only taste left the M&M's brand had yet to explore, until now. The candies are snackable (aka: easy to eat a lot of) which of course, lead me to consume the entire package in just one sitting.

Caramel MMs - Embed

We are so excited for this permanent addition into the M&M's family, and can't wait to raid the candy shelves at our local drug store come May.

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