Cara Delevinge Instagram
Credit: Instagram/caradelevinge

Cara Delevigne's latest selfie may look funny, but it benefits a serious cause. Last week, the model posted a photo to Instagram with her face completely decorated in red lipstick, then nominated her sisters Poppy and Chloe, as well as her friends Kendall Jenner, Suki Waterhouse, and Georgia May Jagger to do the same. The reason? To raise awareness for cervical cancer. Delevingne is one of the many participating in the #SmearForSmear campaign with Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust to help raise awareness for the disease. Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers for women under 35, but can be prevented by getting regular checkups to ensure there aren't any changes or abnormalities.

The idea is to smear your lipstick, tag your friends, and spread the word about the importance of getting screened at least once a year. Of course, Cara did a little more than just smear her lipstick, adding a heart and some extra stripes around her eyes and nose, but would you expect anything less from the star? Check out the #SmearForSmear hashtag to see who else has paricipated, and head over to now for more information on how you can get invovled.