By Laura Rose
Updated Jul 22, 2017 @ 12:15 pm

Cara Delevingne probably wasn't expecting this comparison when she guested on Chelsea Handler's Netflix talk show series, Chelsea. The buzzcut-sporting model-turned-actress has been compared to many beautiful women. Handler, however, pointed out that Delevingne may physically have more in common with an unexpected other beautiful person, Harry Styles.

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"What about Harry Styles looks like me?!" The Valerian actress asked. Styles is almost two years younger than Delevingne and—duh—a guy. But the British stars have "similar things" going on, as Chelsea put it, pointing at Cara's face. After some prodding, Cara agreed and even admitted that it had been pointed out to her before!

"Yeah, we look at each other and we're this a mirror?," she joked. "Yeah we definitely have some similar things going on." We definitely see it in the strong brows and large Disney-esque eyes. Delevingne's slowly grown-out shaved head even sort of mirrors Styles's new shorter hair.

The popular Brits could play convincing siblings in any movie or modeling campaign.

Plus, with Styles' debut in Dunkirk, we now know that they can both act and sing—casting directors, take note. A movie with Harry Styles AND Cara Delevingne? We are so here for it.