By Alexandra Whittaker
Updated Dec 08, 2017 @ 1:30 pm
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Cara Delevingne
Credit: Courtesy

Let's be honest for a second here, if there's anyone in Hollywood who knows how to ring in the holiday season with a fun sense of style, it's Cara Delevingne.

The model is so festive, she even hosted her own big seasonal bash with the help of Burberry on Dec. 2. And now, in an exclusive rapid-fire Q&A from the brand, Delevingne revealed just what she's up to this holiday season, including her Christmas Day plans.

Delevingne—pictured below at her party—plans to have stockings and Secret Santa exchanges on the big day, but her family's Christmas traditions sound even more fun.

Cara Delevingne
Credit: Courtesy

"The Delevingnes are known for our games," she says. "We love playing games like Cards Against Humanity and Charades."

For the attire for the occasion? "A Christmas jumper," she said. Naturally.

If you find Delevingne's holiday plans enticing, be sure to check out her thoughts on everything from New Years Day to mistletoe below.

What is your favorite spot in London during the festive period?
Winter Wonderland.

What is your favorite activity in London during this time?
Christmas caroling.

What gets you into the party spirit?

What will you be wearing to your Christmas party?
Burberry tartan.

What will you be wearing on Christmas Day?
A Christmas jumper.

What was the highlight of 2017 for you?
Skydiving in Mexico and my song coming out.

What are you most excited about for 2018?

What will you be gifting your family this year?

What is your favorite Christmas film?
Home Alone.

What is your favorite Christmas song?
The Pogues – "Fairytale of New York."

What is your favorite festive food?
Mashed potato.

What is your Christmas Day routine?
Stockings and Secret Santa.

What is on your Christmas list this year?
A unicorn.

What was the best gift you have ever received?

What was the best gift you have ever given someone?
A trip to Mexico.

Do you have any Christmas traditions?
The Delevingnes are known for our games; we love playing games like Cards Against Humanity and Charades.

What do you do for New Year’s Eve?
Reflect on the years coming and go party!

Real tree or artificial?

Mistletoe or holly?

Home or away?

Heels or slippers?

Early riser or lie in?
Lie in.

TV or games?