Wait, Did Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson Break Up or What?

An investigation.

Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson's relationship is a notoriously private one, but we've seen plenty of glimpses into their life together since they confirmed they were dating.

But when an errant tweet from Cara's personal Twitter account went out yesterday (December 9), it certainly seemed as though there was trouble in paradise. It was a simple tweet, reading "Me and Ashley broke up." It went out around 9:40 PM, and it had fans understandably confused, considering just a few days prior, Cara left a few sweet comments on Ashley's nude Instagram snap.

Cara Delevingne Breakup Tweet

But the tweet soon disappeared around 20 minutes later. It hasn't resurfaced since, leading many to question its veracity. The verdict? It looks like Cara's Twitter account could have been hacked.

Publications like Cosmopolitan noted that another tweet also appeared on Cara's account right before that, which read "GIVING AWAY 1000 IPHONE 11 Pro's and much more since I love you so much." This is oddly out of character for Cara – not that she wouldn't buy us iPhones – but it seems like someone was taking her account for a spin the previous night and looking to throw her personal life into chaos, or at least get us all talking.

Given that neither Cara nor Ashley have offered any comment on the situation since, it looks like their enviable relationship is likely fine. Plus, since they've been going strong for nearly a year and a half, we have to think a breakup tweet wouldn't go over too well if their coupledom did come to an end. Twitter would likely be the last to know, especially given their proclivity for secrecy.

In fact, despite them being seen kissing in London as early as August 2018, they only came forward and made their pairing official as of summer 2019. Cara honored Ashley with a fun reference in her Trevor Project Hero Award acceptance speech, calling her "Sprinkles."

"She's one of the people who helped me love myself when I needed it most and I really needed it. She showed me what real love is and how to accept it, which is a lot harder than I thought."

Let's not worry for now – it's likely Cara and Ashley are doing just fine.

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