Candace Cameron Bure Crowned Herself the "Worst Mom" After Embarrassing Her Lookalike Daughter

"You heard it here first."

What's more embarrassing? Having your mom reveal to the world that you haven't started dating, or having her tell everyone that it's because "no one is good enough?"

It's a toss-up for Natasha Bure, whose mom, Candace Cameron Bure, let loose about her daughter's love life. Natasha, 21, shared a screenshot of an OK Magazine article on Instagram titled, "CANDACE CAMERON BURE REVEALS HER DAUGHTER NATASHA HASN'T STARTED DATING YET — 'NO ONE’S GOOD ENOUGH!'"

"You heard it here first," Natashe wrote. "'No one’s good enough.'"

Her mom commented, lamenting, "OK magazine just made me worst mom of the year."

In the article, Candace had said, "Natasha hasn’t brought anyone home yet. Because no one’s good enough for papa and that’s a really good thing. Everyone’s got to live up to that standard."

The Fuller House star, 46, and husband Valeri Bure, 45, a former ice hockey player, share three children: 21-year-old Natasha, 19-year-old Lev, and 17-year-old Maksim.

Candace herself, however, seems totally cool with her kids dating.

"I feel great about them dating in the sense that they have a good head on their shoulders," she said. "They’re all looking for good people to hang out with, or date, looking for a wife, looking for a husband and I’m proud of that. I wish that they would date more in a sense. That sounds so weird!"

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