Can a Fragrance Recreate the Moment of Love at First Sight?

0.2 Fragrance
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Love at first sight can be a funny thing---whether or not you buy into the phenomenon, there's no denying the rush of exhilaration you get when meeting that special someone for the first time. Intent on bottling that emotional high, motivational entreprenur Holly Riddel set out to develop a scent that mirrored this thrill and ultimately created a unisex fragrance called 0.2, which is unlike anything we've ever misted on before. "I don't believe there's a better feeling than being in love," Riddel tells InStyle. "I knew that setting this intention in a beautiful fragrance like 0.2 would be a powerful combination, and at the very least, would lift the spirits of the wearer."

0.2's moniker comes from that fifth of a second it takes for the sensation of love at first sight to register in your brain, and release the endorphins and hormones to trigger that emotion. The scent, priced from $40 to $120 at, mixes light top notes of bergamot and spearmint with heady elements such as musk, oakmoss, and amber for a truly unique blend that emerges differently on everyone.

We're loving the idea--not to mention the distinct, long-lasting fragrance---especially since perfume has such close ties to memory and emotion. The jury may still be out on whether or not love at first sight exists, but as for love at first spritz? We're definitely believers.

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