By Olivia Bahou
Jan 29, 2018 @ 10:00 am

Camila Cabello didn’t take home any Grammys on Sunday, but she was still one of the night’s big winners after two viral moments. Hours before she gave an impassioned speech about Dreamers that had the Internet applauding, Cabello had another crush-worthy moment on the Grammys red carpet, when she interrupted herself in the middle of an interview to adjust her cleavage.

Cabello was speaking with E!’s Ryan Seacrest about her new album when she needed to pause and excuse herself to fix a very minor wardrobe malfunction, perhaps after catching a glimpse of herself on camera. “Getting to have it out there in the world feels really good—hold on I have to squeeze my boobs,” she told Seacrest before quickly turning around to adjust.

“There we go! All better now,” she said, smiling into the camera. Those are some Chrissy Teigen-level red carpet antics right there.

All hail the new queen of the Grammys red carpet.