By Brandi Fowler
Updated: Jun 13, 2016 @ 12:50 pm
Gabe Ginsberg/FilmMagic

Camila Alves and her family are on a penguin-packed adventure! As Matthew McConaughey's wife gave a few scenic glimpses into their trip to an undisclosed location, the model couldn't help but share a snap of their eldest son while he watched dozens of penguins playing around on a beach.

My #oldest...they are #everywhere o meu mais velho...!! Eles estão em todos os lugares...!

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"My #oldest...they are #everywhere..!," Alves captioned snap, which showed little Levi, 7, in an orange and blue jacket with his back to the camera as the wind whipped through his brown curls. The penguins appear to be just a few feet away from him, but they don't let his presence there affect their playtime on the shore.

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Although the 34-year-old model shares photos of her children every now and then on social media, it's been a while since she has posted a snap of Levi. While the rest of her children and McConaughey haven't appeared in her photos from the trip just yet, Alves shared more photos of their time away from home, including one photo where she was photobombed by a friendly penguin.

"My #selfie of the day! Wild Penguins on a desert beach! On their #habitat #animals #love #nooneelsearound #lovemyjob," she captioned the photo, which showed her smiling as her wavy hair blows in the wind, with a penguin posing behind her. After flying to the destination Wednesday, Alves posted a breathtaking shot of cliffs along an ocean. "Good #morning everyone! #view #grateful," she wrote alongside it.

Good #morning everyone! #view #grateful. #bomdia !! #inspiracao #bencaodedeus

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The McConaugheys know how to kick off the weekend right.